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Sarah Fer  artist biography

'Cuban lizard' 10x17cm coloured etching.

I was born in London (U.K.) and lived some years in Essex as a child.
Again living in London I left home and school at 16 and went to the local art school. I was told by one of the tutors that women could not succeed as artists and their only ambition should be to become the partner to a male artist. This gave me a driving ambition to prove him wrong.
I went on to a degree in Fine Art and then a post graduate degree at the Royal College of Art.
On leaving I taught art and design in further and higher education until I realised how much of my own creativity was being eroded.
I became a freelance textile designer (and then a parent.)
At the time computer aided design was something quite new and I set about investigating.
I worked for a company in central London and became a visual effects artist for the film and tv industry working on films such as Harry Potter and Batman Begins. I was in the industry for more than a decade until my health failed and I could no longer commute from the south coast.
I have joined the Adur Arts Collective and exhibit with them regularly.


My work features on Instagram:

and for fun I also paint portraits of dogs @sarahferdogportraits

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